In 2010, after serving two tours of duty in the Middle East, Lieutenant Colonel, Don Malin decided someone needed to provide help for his fellow soldiers who, like himself, who were struggling with their reentry into civilian life, after serving in a combat arena. Don realized it was not only the soldier who was struggling, but in many case his, or her, family who had been without them during their tour of duty.

Having dealt with his and his own family's struggles; and after helping many of those whom he had served who were also struggling with their reentry into "normal" life, Don began to develop the idea for a ministry to help returning veterans deal with the after effects of war. From this would come the ministry of CrossSwords.

Don was already associated with Crosswinds Foundation, an organization that is actively engaged in reaching into various elements of the culture, and approached its leadership team with his idea of providing help for the military culture. The concept of helping our nations heroes and their families was quickly embraced by Crosswinds and CrossSwords Connection was formed to operate under the leadership of Lt. Colonel Malin.

Prior to forming CrossSwords, Don was assisted by Crosswinds Foundation with "Tables of Grace" one of his projects in Afghanistan that provided some of the comforts of home to those serving in Afghanistan.